Before & After School

Before School


School begins at 9:15 am.  Since we cannot provide supervision before then, it is important that you arrange for timely drop off or arrival of your student no earlier than 8:15 am.


However, because we are aware that many parents have the need to drop off their students before 8:15, we will offer tutoring in both Math and Language Arts to aide students in progressing with their Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). If you student is on school ground between 7:30 and 8:15, they will be required to attend a tutoring session.

Any student involved in a club or organization that meets before school will be allowed to participate in that activity in lieu of tutoring.  Thank you for encouraging your student to take advantage of the extra time to complete assignments and further their learning! 


To maintain the safety of our students during very cold or inclement weather, we will require all students to come into the building at 7:50 am for supervision.


After School


School is over at 4:20 pm. It is important that you arrange for your student to leave school grounds in a timely fashion. Unless he/she is participating in a school-sponsored activity, it is important you schedule their pickup no later than 4:35 pm. If he/she walks, please remind your student to leave campus by 4:35 pm. Students are NOT to loiter in the building or on school grounds after school/pickup hours.  


Since school grounds cannot be made available for unsupervised childcare, students still on school grounds by 4:35 pm will be escorted into the cafeteria where they will have supervision and a safe place to wait. Those students will remain in the cafeteria until a parent comes inside the building to sign them out.

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