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You arrive at school before the bell rings……You may enter building at 8:30 a.m. and report to the cafeteria.  Breakfast is served each morning and is available to all students.  You may not use the South door for entry unless you have a permission slip from a teacher, if you have a club meeting, or if you are accompanied by a parent/guardian.

You ride a bus to school……School bus transportation is provided for Memorial Junior High students who live more than 1 ½ miles from school.  (Students on transfer are not offered bus services).  To ride a bus, student must have signed the bus-ridership contract.  If you do follow bus procedures, you will have bus privileges removed for a determined amount of time and are subject to permanent removal.  After school, bus riders report to the gym and wait in appropriate line for their bus route to be called out for boarding. 

You bring things to school with you…..You will be assigned a locker that is for your use only and is not to be shared with others. Do NOT give out your locker combination to anyone. Combinations are built in – no need to purchase a lock. Nothing should be attached to the outside of your locker and you should not write on locker/s.   If you have any locker problems, you should see your homebase teacher who will assist you or call for further assistance if needed. 

You would like to change your schedule….There are only certain times during the school year where students are allowed to make changes to their schedule.  At the beginning of each semester, there will be Schedule Change Request forms available in the counselor’s office to be filled out and signed by a parent.  These are to be returned to the counselor’s office.  Upon receipt, Ms. Chesbro will review each request and make changes as the administration deems appropriate for the student, and/or as class space becomes available.

You need to eat breakfast or lunch at school…..A hot breakfast and lunch is served each day and consists of a main dish, sides, fruit, milk.  MJHS is universal FREE; meaning that there is no charge for any meal served at school.  A Child Nutrition Form is required of each family to ensure that our FREE status remain active.  After you eat, leave your area clean and follow staff directions for exiting cafeteria. 

You are absent……Your parent/guardian should call the attendance office 918-833-9533 in the morning to report your illness/absence.  If this phone contact is not made, the attendance clerk will call your home.  If no phone contact is made, your absence will be documented as unexplained.  For an absence to be excused, a doctor’s note, funeral bulletin or court document must be shown.  You will be responsible for obtaining assignments from your teachers and completing missed work.

You are tardy to school……You are expected to be on time to all your classes.   If you arrive at school after 9:15 in the morning, you must go to the attendance office for a Tardy Pass.  Consequences are in place for those who are consistently tardy to class. 

You have to leave during the day…..Your parent/guardian must check you out in the main office before you are allowed to leave campus.  A student leaving campus without a parent/guardian will be considered truant and will have consequences.  Upon your return, you must show proof of doctor visit, court visit, or other valid documentation in order for your absence to be excused.

You get sick or injured at school…..You should tell your teacher about the illness or injury.  Your teacher will direct you to the clinic and the health assistant will call your parent if necessary.  You are never to call your parent if you are ill or injured, but should always let someone at school know. 

You need to take medication at school……If you need to take medication during the school day, have your parent/guardian talk to the health assistant and fill out the proper paperwork.  All medication is kept in the clinic and only authorized staff may administer medications.  Students may not carry medication on their person.

You need to make a telephone call……There is a student phone in the main office.  If you have an emergency requiring a call, your classroom teacher must give permission, sign your agenda book, and allow you to come to the office for phone use.  Please stop and ask office staff for permission to make a call.

You find or lose something…..There is a lost and found in the main office.  Please bring any found object to the office.  If you lose an item, please ask office staff for permission to look in the lost and found.

You lose or damage a textbook, library book, or other item that is school property….You are responsible for all items checked out to you and will be charged an appropriate fee for replacement.

You are cold in the building…..All outerwear including jackets, coats, hoodies, etc. must be kept in your locker.  You may wear a sweater or unhooded sweatshirt in the classroom if you are chilly. 

There is a fire drill, or other drill…Your teachers will give you complete instructions about these drills which must be followed precisely to ensure the safety of others.  A yellow form is posted in each classroom with safe places and exit routes.

You wonder whether school is closed due to bad weather…..A notice will be placed on the tulsaschools.com website and all local radio and television stations will be reporting as well.

You carry/bring a backpack or purse to school.....All backpacks must be kept in your locker.  Girls may carry a small purse with them, if needed.

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