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Before School

School begins at 9:15 am.  Since we cannot provide supervision before then, it is important that you arrange for timely drop off or arrival of your student no earlier than 8:15 am.

However, because we are aware that many parents have the need to drop off their students before 8:15, we will offer tutoring in both Math and Language Arts to aide students in progressing with their Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).

If you student is on school ground between 7:30 and 8:15, they will be required to attend a tutoring session.

Any student involved in a club or organization that meets before school will be allowed to participate in that activity in lieu of tutoring. 

Thank you for encouraging your student to take advantage of the extra time to complete assignments and further their learning! 

To maintain the safety of our students during very cold or inclement weather, we will require all students to come into the building at 7:50 am for supervision.

After School

School is over at 4:20 pm. It is important that you arrange for your student to leave school grounds in a timely fashion. Unless he/she is participating in a school-sponsored activity, it is important you schedule their pickup no later than 4:35 pm. 

If he/she walks, please remind your student to leave campus by 4:35 pm. 

Students are NOT to loiter in the building or on school grounds after school/pickup hours.  

Since school grounds cannot be made available for unsupervised childcare, students still on school grounds by 4:35 pm will be escorted into the cafeteria where they will have supervision and a safe place to wait. Those students will remain in the cafeteria until a parent comes inside the building to sign them out.

Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences are scheduled once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester.  

The objective of our conferences is to allow you time to visit with your child's teachers.  This will allow you time to check on not only their academics but their social and behavior skills, too.

You are welcome whenever you can come during the time periods allotted.  However, because we are not taking appointments, there may be some "wait time".  We are requesting you plan to spend no more 5 minutes with any one teacher.  If you need more time with a particular teacher, please call your child's counselor to set another conference time.  

Upon arrival, stop by in the front foyer and sign in.    

Student-led Parent conferences are very beneficial for you, your child, and our staff.  We are looking forward to visiting with you.  Counselors and administrators will be available during this time as well.


Students will be issued a locker.   We have lockers with integrated combination locks, so students will not need to need to bring a combination lock.  Lockers must not be shared and we ask that your student not share his/her combination with anyone. If you have a locker problem, please notify the main office.  Coats, jackets, backpacks and purses must be left in lockers during the academic day.  If your student takes P.E., a lock is recommended.

Attendance Policy

If you need to be absent from school, your parent should call the attendance line, 833-9533 to speak to the attendance clerk or leave a message. If your parent calls the office, your absence will be “explained”, but an absence is excused only with a doctor’s note, a court document or a funeral bulletin. Attendance at school is vitally important to your success!

Appointments during the School Day

Because of the personalized nature of our INCharge program, students may not be in their assigned class, but working in another place in the building, This makes it difficult to call a student to the office to leave for an appointment. We ask that you schedule orthodontist, doctor, counseling appointments, etc. first thing in the morning before school or to please send a note with appointment times so that we can give your student a pass for the appropriate time.


If you need to take medication while at school, you must have a medication form on file. Students may not carry their medications on themselves. Parents must deliver medicine to the clinic in the bottle in which it is issued. Contact our Health Assistant at 918-833-9530 to assist you in filling out paperwork.

Schoolwide Procedures

Classroom Entry Procedures

  • Be in uniform.
  • Get supplies ready for class.
  • Start daily classroom procedures.

Lunch Line Procedures

  • Line up quietly.
  • Face forward and hands to your side.
  • Walk silently to and from the cafeteria with your teacher.

Exit Class Procedures

  • Tidy your work space.
  • Wait to be dismissed by teacher.
  • Leave class quietly and orderly.

School Exit Procedures

  • Bus riders follow bus route procedures.
  • Walkers and riders exit building at the flagpole door and do not re-enter the building without an adult.

Electronics Policy

For the safety of all students and others utilizing school property, electronic devices must not be used on site during the school day. We recommend that all students keep their phone or other electronic devices in their lockers as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please be aware that additional or repeated offenses for this violation may result in serious disciplinary consequences.

Phone or Address Changes

If you have a new cell phone or home phone number, please contact the office to share the updated information. For an address change, the office must have a copy of a lease agreement or a current bill before the change can be made at the enrollment center. Thank you!

Schedule Changes

There are only certain times during the school year where students are allowed to make changes to their schedule. At the beginning of each semester, there will be Schedule Change Request forms available in the counselor’s office to be filled out and signed by a parent. These are to be returned to the counselor’s office. Upon receipt, Ms. Chesbro will review each request and make changes as the administration deems appropriate for the student, and/or as class space becomes available.